About FCM Consulting

FCM Consulting is our global offering of consultative services. Consisting of a range of corporate travel management services and solutions, FCM Consulting is coordinated by an international advisory team of independent industry professionals. FCM Consulting can help your company to achieve best practice in:

  • Supplier management
  • Policy and compliance
  • Expense management
  • Change management

We’ll also show you how to incorporate innovation and market intelligence into your program for maximum results. 

Whether your business is looking for system improvements, a travel program transformation or change management, FCM Consulting provides insight and strategic direction for long-term gains.

Our team

The FCM Consulting team includes senior corporate travel, procurement and technology professionals from across FCM’s global network. Members of the FCM Consulting advisory group hold global management roles with FCM and have extensive professional history working with leading global business brands. 

FCM Consultants are located across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. We work across borders, cultures and offer in-depth local knowledge in every market.  

Our services 

FCM Consulting services can be tailored to suit each customer’s specific requirements. We can provide short-term consultation services or end-to-end solutions that involve program reviews, analysis and implementation. Market intelligence packages are also available for corporates interested in adding value to their programs with industry-leading insight.

Supplier solutions

FCM Supplier Solutions targets the sourcing and performance of airline contracting, hotel programs, car hire and ground transport. We’ll show you how FCM’s analysis and benchmarking can provide critical insight for your business. FCM’s Supplier Solutions draw on global data and an extensive worldwide network of travel teams to drive savings for mid-to-large market programs through:

  • supplier analysis, strategy and procurement
  • contract maximisation (performance monitoring)
  • utilisation of a global network for competitive supplier deals 

Expense Management

Transform the chaos that occurs when people travel and incur expenses into a seamless flow of information within your accounts system to control spend easily and effectively. FCM Consulting can show you how to select the right expense management system and solutions for an integrated travel expense program. FCM Expense Management focuses on:

  • Expense management platforms
  • Credit card

Change Management

FCM is the leading travel management authority in change management and program transformation. Globally FCM facilitates over 100 multi-market client implementations each year and is a specialist in new client implementation. FCM Consulting can help your business manage change for:

  • Travel management company implementation
  • Travel policy modifications Booking process changes ( ie from manual to an online booking tool, implant or central fulfilment centres)
  • Strategic supplier change involving airlines, hotels and car providers

Policy & Compliance

FCM Consulting can show you how high performing programs use policy and compliance to achieve outstanding results. We’ll show you how to improve your travel performance using proven strategies with local, regional and multinational clients. Our services in this field cover:

  • Policy review and SWOT assessment 
  • Travel diagnostics and opportunity analysis


There’s no one size fits all when it comes to travel management, which is why innovation can proactively solve service issues. Learn what benefits can be gained from outsourcing your travel management or re-engineering your accounts payable procedures. If technology solutions are what you’re after, FCM Consulting will bring you cutting-edge technology for online booking, profiling, mobile, reporting and crisis management. FCM Consulting brings innovation to travel through:

  • Travel management outsourcing 
  • Travel technology solutions
  • Servicing models

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence can bring significant value to your program. Using FCM’s comprehensive suite of market intelligence tools your company can make the most informed decisions on procurement using the latest in industry trends and market updates. Enhance your duty of care with crisis management intelligence and stay ahead of the game with valuable market insight. FCM Consulting gives you exclusive access to:

  • Industry updates via a quarterly e-magazine
  • Trend analysis and whitepapers
  • Industry reports (request basis only)
  • Social media streams
  • Crisis management intelligence
  • A global resource library

For further information on FCM Consulting enquire online now.